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Venus Concept Launches New “Venus Aesthetic Intelligence” Branding and Updated “” Website to Reflect New Vision for the Company

TORONTO, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Venus Concept Inc. ("Venus Concept" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: VERO), a global medical aesthetic technology leader, announced today a company-wide rebranding initiative, introducing Venus Aesthetic Intelligence (or "Venus AI") to reflect its new strategic vision for the company and an enhanced focus on emerging technologies in aesthetics.

"It has been a transformational year for the company. With the first phase of our strategic turnaround behind us, we have now set the stage for a fresh new vision for the future of the company. This vision will build upon our leading product innovations, customer focus and align with our long-term strategic growth plan," said Rajiv De Silva, Chief Executive Officer of Venus Concept.

In today’s increasingly complex field of Medical Aesthetics, wide-ranging procedure options offer tremendous choice to customers and patients. Each procedure also offers a wealth of data detailing in-practice actions, device performance, and behaviors that can provide valuable insights for practitioners, help inform optimal practice performance and drive new technology innovations. Leveraging our advanced R&D capabilities in energy-based technologies, robotics automation, vision systems incorporating novel AI/ML approaches, IoT connectivity, and business intelligence tools, our strategic vision is to be at the forefront of aesthetics practice development, empowering clinics and patients, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance treatment approaches and achieve optimal results in a personalized manner for their patients.

The new Venus AI branding represents a forward-looking approach to aesthetics innovation that is core to Venus’ future aspirations. Our Product portfolio will continue to evolve and deliver more than just leading device performance – but a shift towards total practice performance; from the moment the patient enters the clinic to the post-treatment recovery. Further, by staying connected to our customers, we can start to leverage real-time data across our growing network of connected devices to uncover the meaningful business insights that define the best in practice performance and fuel the next-generation of aesthetics device technologies.

"Venus AI captures our strong commitment towards growing our global brand, focusing on emerging technologies and services, building smarter practices, and customizable treatments. All fed by data and powered by insights," said Dr. Hemanth Varghese, President & Chief Operating Officer. "Customers will start to see new Venus AI branding in all of our new product launches, starting with the Venus VersaPro this year, a new body system next year and importantly with the launch of our next-generation aesthetic robotics platform, AI.ME in late 2024."

The Company’s new website – has also launched this week and all new Product and Marketing communications from Venus Concept will demonstrate our new vision and commitment to innovation for our customers and partners across the globe.

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Venus Concept is an innovative global medical aesthetic technology leader with a broad product portfolio of minimally invasive and non-invasive medical aesthetic and hair restoration technologies and reach in over 60 countries and 14 direct markets. Venus Concept's product portfolio consists of aesthetic device platforms, including Venus Versa and Venus Versa Pro, Venus Legacy, Venus Velocity, Venus Fiore, Venus Viva, Venus Glow, Venus Bliss, Venus BlissMAX, Venus Epileve, Venus Viva MD and AI.ME. Venus Concept's hair restoration systems include NeoGraft® and the ARTAS iX® Robotic Hair Restoration system. Venus Concept has been backed by leading healthcare industry growth equity investors including EW Healthcare Partners (formerly Essex Woodlands), HealthQuest Capital, Longitude Capital Management, Aperture Venture Partners, and Masters Special Situations.

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